What is UrbanPlayz?

Bringing Nature Back to the Urban Core

We are seeking to restore human’s connection to nature by reclaiming land for green space, outdoor sunlight, and physical activities. We believed that the 70’s, 80’s have treasured memories of exploring the natural world as children and wanted to share the nature’s beauty with the children in our lives. However, children seem far removed from the outdoors in these days. Their childhood memories are filled with video games, social media platforms, and shopping malls.

According to the author of Last Child in the Woods, children nowadays are becoming more and more removed from nature, at the expense of their own psychological and physical well being. Therefore, Urban Playz feels the urge and wanted to provide human (children) to make a connection with the natural world.

We are starting to run event in the shopping mall, we would provided the activities is let kids explore, let kids move, let kids active together with the parents. 

Furthermore, we believed that human spending time in nature has tremendous health benefits, the exploration through the nature help us to release of stress, and especially develop better motor skills and body coordination.

We hope that we can create a healthy & active family community in the Urban City and bring the community back to nature, so that we also organize field trips such as real rock-climbing experience, waterfall abseiling, jungle trekking activities, and also activities that suitable for family day, for instance family camping trip, picnic in the park, tree planting experience and many more. Come and join us & back to nature now!

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