Why is Play important?

Play enables children to explore their world, and learn from the play environment.

Children learn and develop rapidly during their early years and play is a direct way to enhance their learning.  They explore the world, gain knowledge, experience the changes and varies that happens around their surroundings through playing. 

Children usually explore the world by using their five senses, which are smelling, touching, hearing, seeing and tasting. Play will always provide them opportunities and chances to use their five senses to develop and to explore the surroundings.

Apart from that, play in early childhood is the most useful way for preparing children to study in primary school. For example, children learn about water is fluid through playing sand and water play; children improve their visual discrimination and spatial relationship skills through playing puzzles; children develop their physical development through outdoor activities such as develop eye hand coordination through climbing activities.

Therefore, Urban Playz is a recreational place for children to share their joy, to learn through play, and most importantly, to spend their memorable childhood with their lovely families. Come to visit us & Let’s play together!

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